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High Definition Impact Resistant Defocus lens For Adolescent Myopia Prevention and Control
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The Findings of Defocusing

Professor Earl Smith, Dean of the School of Optometry, University of Houston, put forward the theory of peripheral defocus.            

In the process of the formation and development of myopia in Children and adolescents, the central retina of myopia patients shows a myopia defocus, while the periphery of the retina shows a hyperopic defocus, which is the main cause of increasing myopia.

Design Principle of Defocus Lens

The central area offers sufficient diopter to ensure that adolescents can see clearly in the distance.            

There is a corresponding positive diopter on the periphery of the lens, which the composed tracking points, to control the elongation of the axis caused by peripheral hyperopia defocus, thus effectively delay the progression of myopia in adolescents.


High Definition, Maximum Wearing Comfort

Designed according to the eye habits if myopic adolescents, the defocus lenses not only bring clear and sharp vision, but also relieve the pressure of the glasses on the bridge of the nose due to the thinning technology in the lens periphery, which makes it more comfortable to wear and easier to adapt to.

Applicable Users

〇 The effect is better for adolescent aged 6-16 years old. The earlier you use it, the better;
〇 A quarterly review is required, and a separate personal life is recommended;
〇 The lenses should be replaced in time when diopter changed by 0.50D or above;
〇 It takes 1-2 days to adapt to wearing defocus lenses for the first time.

Premium Quality Raw Materials

Imported material, high Abbe number and low dispersion, the lens is clearer and more comfortable; effectively block the damage of the high-energy blue ray to eyes.


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Index 1.56 and 1.59 PC are all available.