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Anti-Glare/Anti-Light Scatter/Adapted to Night Driving
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Ex-cellent Driving Lenses use Anti-Glare, Anti-light Scatter, Anti-Reflective technology to block HEV (High Energy Visible Light), it could provide the safe Driving vision during day and night. EX-cellent lens is more focusing on the blocking HEV(400-450nm) from high brightness LED light source that is used in Car-Headlight so that drivers have the perfect driving lens for all lighting conditions.


UV Ray

7% of this type of radiation in the sunlight but damage is permanent and cumulative. The ozone layer filters only a part of it, the rest of UV radiation (in particular UVB and UVA) causes harmful and irreversible effects on eyes and skin such as cataracts or burns in a short time. There is clear evidence and a large consensus around the need of fully blocking the UV light up to 400nm in an ophthalmic lens.

Blue Light High Energy Visible Light (HEV)

30% of this type of radiation in the sunlight but can go beyond 45% in white LED affects melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, alters the natural circadian rhythm oy altering sleep.



With multi-protection technology in the lens, Ex-cellent Protection lens is able to provide great protection against harmful blue light from digital devices like mobile and computer, and UV rays from strong sunshine, granting healthier wearing experience for users.


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Index 1.56 and 1.60 are all available.