Clear Lenses

The Abbe value is an inverse measure of the dispersive power of a lens. A higher Abbe value indicates less chromatic aberration.
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CV Optics provides a wide range of clear lenses which are all developed with advanced technology, to meet different needs of different wearers. From cost-effective single vision lens to high-technology bifocal lens, including progressive.

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The Main Advantages of CV Clear Lenses

High Transmission
Clear Base Color
Cuts Glare
Ultra Hard Coating
Anti-Reflection Coating
EMI&UV Protection
Water Repellant
Long Coating Life


Lens coating is a crucial aspect of optical technology, enhancing the performance and durability of lenses across various applications.

CV Lens coating reduces reflection, repels water and smudges this improving the overall quality of your vision.

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Index1.49/1.56/1.61/1.67/1.71/1.74 are all available.