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UV rays are invisible rays which are part of the energy that comes from the sun, it can burn the eyes, hair, and skin.
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Blue light and Ultraviolet

UV rays are invisible rays which are part of the energy that comes from the sun, it can burn the eyes, hair and skin.

Blue light is the strongest energy in the visible spectrum which can reach the retina at the back of the eye directly.


Your Eyes are Suffering!


Everyday, we are suffering great exposure to the sunlight and blue light, which is causing disease like pinkeye, keratitis, blur vision and dry eye.


Most people think that UV rays only appear in sunny days, however, what they don’t know is UV rays are everywhere, anytime.


Where Is Blue light?

Daily life digital screens emit intense blue light and can cause eye strain after long exposure.37471_ehn0_9569.jpg

Protect your Eyes

UV420 Blue Light Blocking lens can block away the harmful blue light and UV rays, while the visible light and good blue light will be going through.


37470_slsv_3668.jpgFilter Test

In the UV420 filter test, we can see that UV420 blue light blocking Lens blocks the harmful rays while normal lens can’t provide any protection.


Advantage of UV420 Blue Light Blocking Lens

With the help of the latest technology now, we are able to get rid of the base color coming from traditional blue cut technology, providing you with the clearest vision ever experienced!


However, customer don’t know that each lens has its own protection against the UV rays.


With special treatment and latest technology, we are able to provide UV420 filter which can totally protect your eyes from harmful UV rays!


Our Offer

Index 1.50/1.56/1.61/1.67/1.74/1.59PC are all available.