Kids Vision Management Lenses

All for the protection and improvement of kids' vision
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Kids Vision Management

Kids Vision Management Lenses are professionally designed to effectively safeguard and enhance the visual health of children.

Peripheral Defocus Lenses

• Comprising a clear central zone to correct refractive errors
• For peripheral area with positive power to introduce myopia defocus for myopia control
• Availability of the peripheral positive power: from +1.00~+4.50D
• Corridor design in the near zone for comfortable reading

Defocus-Incorporated Multiple Segments

• Comprising a clear central zone to correct refractive errors
• Including 11 circles of positive lenslets around the center for myopia control
• The positive power increases gradually from center to periphery
• Just available of 1.59PC

Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses
• Considering kids’ eyeball structures and eye-using habits
• Correct the refractive errors in the distant vision zone to see clearly
• In the near zone, with an addition of +1.00D~+2.00D to make eyes relaxed and comfortable
• Suitable for kids with high AC/A value

Freeform Single Vision Lenses

• Design according to the kid’s personal parameters
• Additionally optimization for astigmatism prescription to improve visual comfort and clarity
• Available of oval shape design or appointed diameter for better appearance