Creative coating technology to provide superior performance and protection
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Creative Coating Technology

Using the most advanced coating materials and technologies

Multiple layers to optimize optical performance

By reducing reflectance ensuring maximum transmittance of light and ultimately enhancing your visual clarity and comfort

CV RX lab Provides about 6 Different Kinds of Coating


• Excellent anti-scratch properties

• Increase light transmittance by reducing reflection and glare

• Highly improve night vision, clarity and contrast while driving

• Oil and dust resistance, easy to clean


• Super hydrophobic coating with light green color Enhance your aesthetic appeal by effectively reducing reflection

• Highly improve visual clarity and contrast

• Oil and dust resistance, easy to clean 

• Suitable for kids, painters and photographers


• Duo colors: green and blue

• Eliminate harmful blue light, maintain visual health

• Improve light transmission and contrast

• Significantly Reduce eye strain and fatigue


• Low reflective coating with light blue color

• Reduce reflection and glare in both sides of the lens

• Block EMR and highly improve the light transmittance

• Easy to clean and keep the lens long lasting clear

• Enhance aesthetic appeal by effectively reducing reflection


• Permanent Anti-Fog technology built in both sides of lens

• Collect and spread water vapor on the lens to keep vision clarity

• No initial spray needed

• Suitable for all materials


• Conform to FDA standard of Drop Ball Test

• Have applied on all coatings for free

• Improve the lens safety