Camber Steady Plus Progressive Lenses

Personalized free-form progressive lenses. Designed with the most revolutionary IOT technologies.
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Camber Steady Plus Progressive Lenses

Camber technology combines complex surfaces on both sides of the lens to provide excellent visual correction.

Camber Steady Plus Progressive Benefits

·Superior visual acuity.
·Improved quality of vision in the near zone.
·Improved aesthetics in many prescriptions.
·Precise and comfortable focus for all working distances in any direction of gaze.
·Near elimination of peripheral blur.
·Superior visual quality for viewing digital devices.
·Higher image stability for reduced swim effect.
·Better performance in binocular vision at near and intermediate.

Three Essential Components

• The Camber blank: with variable base curve by Younger Optics, the Camber lens blank improves on the spherical lens blank.
• The Camber Rx design computation: lens designs are mathematically compensated for peripheral aberrations and include the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation to drastically reduced aberrations across the entire field of vision.
• Personalization parameters: The Rx design computation is further enhanced by individual parameters to custom-made for each individual patient.